A Livesolutions foi criada com o objetivo de explorar o enorme potencial da Internet enquanto ferramenta de trabalho, de forma a acrescentar valor ao negócio dos seus clientes.

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About 300 Customers and more than 3000 Users in Portugal, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa, Mozambique.

100% Web-Based

Today with Livesolutions you are just a click away to manage your business anywhere in the world.

Customized Modules

Development of customized solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Helpdesk Online

We provide professionals with technical skills and accredited to respond effectively and efficiently to all doubts of our customers online.

Adapted to Vertical Markets

Software tailored to each business area in order to respond to the requirements of each market.

Low Investment / Cost Control

Hardware and Software do not become obsolete. All updates to our products do not imply any upgrade/investment in the user's hardware.

Reduced Implementation Time

We use the new Information Technologies, you can implement the Livesolutions solution in a simple and fast way without additional costs.


Sustained growth according to the needs of each organization.


We provide accommodation in a Datacenter, with monitoring and conditioned access.

Our Solutions

Cloud Based SaaS, Software As A Service

Field Service and Workforce Management

Telecommunications – Client/Outside Network
Vodafone, MEO, NOS, NOWO e DSTelecom

Telecommunications – Construction FTTH,FTTB etc.
Vodafone, MEO, NOS, NOWO, DSTelecom, SIRO, Huawei

Configurable Networks/Elements/Interventions
Telecommunications – Commercial/Commissions

EDP Distribuição, PORTGAS

Works Management

ERP Livesolutions

Control of the Main Tasks of Commercial Management
Stocks, Purchases, Sales, Current Accounts, Treasury, POS

Control of All Administrative Tasks
Accounting, Fixed Assets and Salary Processing

Integration with External Programs
.Primavera . SAP .PHC .Navision .Sage

Analysis and development of custom modules

Mobile Phones Stores, Quality, Credentials Management, Operational Management

“…The need to guarantee interoperability with the computer applications used by our client has been a permanent challenge. The Company Livesolutions has responded very effectively over these almost 12 years, contributing to the universal access and control of Management information. By being in the universe of Companies with SCORING, Livesolutions reinforces its reputation, offers double confidence to its customers and also motivates employees. Congratulations!…"

António Campos Figueiredo

General Director of R3E

At Livesolutions, we found a dynamic, experienced, motivated and extremely competent team, which, combined with a fast, available and reliable platform, is the best partner to jointly implement a transversal work management system that could respond competently to our needs in the business areas where we operate. Taking advantage of the main differentiating features of the Livesolutions platform, we were able to implement the necessary operational and administrative management that, combined with a strong Big Data component, allows us to obtain strong end-to-end operational and financial control of each project.

Pedro Cunha Silva

Director - Digital Transformation | ProCME Group

“Over 20 years of sharing knowledge and experiences, which allowed us to achieve, together, achievements and improvements in the performance of our systems, of which we are very proud! The efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism and flexibility of Livesolutions make the company an excellent partner of Grupo Painhas!”

Helena Painhas

PA Group Administrator

"With a market in strong expansion and increasingly competitive, the need to have structured, systematized information that assists in the correct decision-making is essential. We found in Livesolutions' management software the ability to cover the Power and Telco markets with advantages such as online helpdesk, continuous development, tailored to our needs and 100% Web Based."

Paulo Seixas


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