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Aceda aos recursos da sua empresa, com toda a segurança em qualquer lugar. Portal da Empresa

Portal da Empresa

“Damos destaque aos seus colaboradores e automatizamos os dados e os processos internos da sua organização.”

We provide a tool that helps automate processes and revolutionizes the area of Human Resources, establishing procedures and agile communication channels between company and employee.

Simplify Human Resources management, by reducing the department’s administrative burden.


Área do Colaborador

This module is available in BackOffice and Mobile mode.

Pending activities

  • Dispatch of Pending Tasks with the possibility of consulting the Process
  • Associated SLA Verification
  • Process Creation


  • Publish or Consult Publications
  • Assign Tasks to Calendar
  • Scheduling Appointments with Notification

Chat/ Messages

  • Instant Messaging to Users or Groups
  • Chat between Users or Groups
  • SMS – Instant Messaging to Phone

Centro de Contactos

See all the information regarding all contacts and companies related to your organization, with different levels of security.

Creation and Consultation of Contacts and Companies

  • Account/Company Creation
  • Account Classification
  • Creating contacts
  • Security at Group/Private/Public level

Contact Registration

  • Contact registration from/to the company via telephone, email, chat.
  • Forwarding the contact to another employee
  • Automatic process opening/Association and forwarding.


Know your organization, employees and functions.


Creation of Collaborators

  • Contributor Data
  • Definition of Hierarchy, Department and Groups

Gestão de Processos

Optimize and efficiently automate your business processes.



  • Tasks/activities can be assigned to a group or collaborator
  • All processes will be classified by Process Type
  • Process types and Tasks/Activities will have an associated SLA
  • Possibility of configuration/automation of processes
  • Possibility of specific information by Process
  • Existing processes: Complaints, Information Request

Gestão Documental

Standardize the filing and classification of information in a structured and centralized way, accessible anywhere and with different levels of security.

Company, Group and User Files Area

  • Live Drive – Read mode access to all documents and attachments entered in the application in file explorer mode
  • Live Cloud – Possibility of creating a directory structure and creating/modifying word, excel and powerpoint documents
  • Available in BackOffice and Mobile mode

Digital Archive

  • Read mode access to all digitally signed documents
  • Sending documents by mail
  • Sending and Receiving Electronic Invoicing
  • Consultation and visualization of Electronic Invoicing

Recursos Humanos

We integrate the Employee Portal in the Company Portal, accessible in BackOffice and Mobile mode.

Time Sheet

  • Possibility of employees to clock-in and clock-out working time


  • Allowance of Cost Request
  • Absence Request
  • Vacation Booking Request
  • Expense Sheet


  • Viewing and Consulting Receipts

Business Inteligence

We organize and graphically analyze the information generated by your organization.

Results analysis

  • Generating Averaged Growth Rates Graphs
  • Turnover Analysis
  • Growth Rate View
  • Expense Control
  • Previous and Effective Results

Monthly Analysis

  • Supply and Services Analysis
  • Organizational expense analysis
  • Sales and Service Analysis

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