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FTTH Construction

Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Telecommunications Infrastructures

FTTH Construction

Desenho, Implementação e Manutenção de Infra-estruturas de Telecomunicações

LiveSolutions “FTTH Construction” solution enables the design, implementation and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures quickly and accurately, significantly reducing costs and maximizing the return on investments made.

Speed & Precision

Plan an infrastructure network faster and more accurately. Visualize the execution of jobs in real time with geo-referencing services.

Easy Integration

Simplify your operations by automating back office tasks for the field. Integration with other devices.

Total Control

Get detailed reports at the touch of a button. Manage work teams more logically and productively.

Investment Optimization

Save time and resources. Analyze, consult and manage from every angle of your operation.


BackOffice FTTH

FTTH Partners

FTTH Operational Management


FTTH Mobility



Integration with ERP's


BackOffice FTTH

Project Control

  • Configurable network structure;
  • KML and Excel import from the network;
  • Management of Network/Element/Intervention states;
  • Budget, Cost Centers and Authorization Management;
  • Management by Contract or Budget;
  • Planning and Assignment Dashboard (Daily/Weekly);
  • Production Register (Tasks| Materials| Pictures | CheckList);
  • Supervisor and BackOffice Validation;
  • Control of UA/HP per Month;
  • Payment % Control (Construction/Cadastre/Acceptance);
  • Client and Supplier PO Control;
  • Impediments Management and Production Closing;
  • Client Invoicing Autos and Closing.

Administrative Control

  • Management of Contracts, Teams and Materials (Own and Client);
  • Management of Central Warehouses and Teams (Own or Partners);
  • Emission of Notes of Order (automatic);
  • Issuance of Self-Invoices to Partners;
  • Control of Point of Manpower | Equipment;
  • Orders Evaluation.

Financial Control

  • Analysis of Cost | Production | Invoicing;
  • Cost | Production by Entity and Team;
  • Cost | Target Production by Team;
  • Analysis of the different types of cost per Order / Unit;
  • Dashboard Type Order | Order | Entity | Team.

Logistic Control

  • Stock Management Optimization;
  • Importation of Internal and External Movements;
  • Material Planning and Supply;
  • Order and Supply Management;
  • Requisitions and Orders Control;
  • Stock Movement Management;
  • Supplier and Client Returns.


  • Stock Map Existence (Product/Closure);
  • Transport and Communication Management AT;
  • Control and Closing Management;
  • Pending Order Reports;
  • Analysis and Consultation of Movements;
  • Control of Consumptions and Chargebacks;
  • Warehouse Management.

FTTH Partners

Characterization of the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is the back office of the entities that work for the company, where the information presented is filtered by the Entity, in this module the external entity (subcontractor) in all options, only sees the information that concerns him.

Ex. You only see your projects/interventions, your teams and production, the movements and materials assigned to you, as well as your purchase orders and self-billing.



  • Manual Material Orders or by Budget;
  • Pending Supply Orders;
  • Material Reception (after the reception, the material is available in stock);
  • Query Stock in Warehouse (normal, serial and batch material);
  • Analysis of all Movements made in your Warehouse (inputs and consumptions).



  • Consultation of assigned Projects/Interventions
  • Consultation of project/intervention documents
  • Consultation of shared documents (work instructions, security etc.)

Production Registration

  • Planned – List of Tasks and Materials planned for the intervention;
  • Registration of Tasks performed (existing in the Team Agreement);
  • Registration of Consumed Materials (existing in the Team Warehouse);
  • Ability to Attach photos and documents associated to the Project/Intervention;
  • Work Closure | Dispatch for Impediment;
  • Possibility of changing the production, if the production is rejected by the BackOffice.


Order Notes/Self-invoicing

  • Query of issued purchase orders;
  • Acceptance of Self-invoicing;
  • SAFT / PT file with auto-invoices to be inserted in the AT.


Maps and Reports

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Production Maps by Team;
  • Production Map to Bill (Work in progress);
  • Report of Interventions Not Validated and Rejected;
  • Detailed Closing Analysis;
  • Purchase Order Analysis;
  • Self Invoice Analysis.

FTTH Operational Management

Team/Skills Management and Intervention Profile


Technicians (Employees or external collaborators)
  • Skills (types of service, geographical area and intervention profile);
  • Cost Value Hour;
  • Associated Entity.


Team building
  • Technicians (Employees or external collaborators);
  • Vehicles and/or associated equipment;
  • Expenses and Indirect Costs % and Margin %;
  • Team Schedule and Unavailability;
  • Daily Cost and Daily Production Target;
  • Store, Contract (tasks) and Entity associated with the Team;
  • Automatic configuration of team competences.


  • Categorization of Intervention Profiles;
  • Geographical Zone;
  • Type of Intervention (survey, design, mergers, cable, civil etc.);
  • Type of service based on planned tasks;
  • Daily Cost and Daily Production Target;
  • Store, Contract (tasks) and Entity associated with the Teamr;
  • Automatic configuration of team competences.


Maps and Reports

  • Production Map Tasks/Materials daily/weekly and Monthly by Team and Entity;
  • Daily/Monthly Goal Management;
  • Control of Team Mobility Actions (possibility of exporting via excel or webservice);
  • Entity/Team Analysis Map;
  • Cost/Profit Analysis by Project;
  • Analyze Work in Progress.

Operational Cockpit


Team Planning – Assignment of Projects/Interventions
  • Geographical Map of Interventions to be assigned;
  • Assignment and visualization by Project/Intervention Cluster;
  • Assignment of interventions in the Team Agenda (daily/weekly/monthly);
  • Intervention filters by profile, Intervention type, geographic area and priority;
  • Ability to assign teams by competence/Intervention profile;
  • Creation of Geographic Routes by type of Intervention Profile for Teams, in order to enhance team productivity.


Material Planning – Material Orders
  • Order of Materials by Team/Project.


Online Monitoring and Control
  • Real Time Intervention/Team Geolocation Dashboard;
  • Team Operational Cockpit – Operation Overview;
  • Symbology by type of intervention, priority and planned, ongoing and completed intervention;
  • Production validation (task consultation, Materials and attachments).


Gestão de Impedimentos/Pendências Abertas e Fechadas
  • Pending Tracking / Impediment;
  • Creation/association of Interventions to resolve the impediment/pending;
  • Control of open impediments/pendencies.


  • Tracking of Occurrences, assigning responsible person;
  • Creation/association of Interventions to solve the occurrence;
  • Open Incident Control.


Control of Registration of Actions by Technician/Equipment
  • Daily Control Map by technician of the hours worked (possibility of change);
  • Submission for costing the Project/intervention and information for Salaries;
  • Daily Control Map by Vehicle/Equipment of the hours worked and Km made (possibility of alteration), and sending for costing the Project/intervention.

Mobilidade FTTH

Mobile Field Service


Assigned Projects/Interventions

  • Production Record (Tasks | Materials | Photos | CheckList);
  • Consult Project/Element/Intervention information;
  • Warehouse Stock Query;
  • Document View.

Administrative Control

  • Share Register;
  • Team Constitution Collaborators and Equipment;
  • Start Shift, Travel, Work and End of Shift;
  • Sending to BackOffice for treatment.

Online Dashboard – BackOffice

  • Geographical Positioning;
  • Planned, Executing and Completed Interventions.

Data synchronization with BO


Control of the work/team


Data Query


Materials/Tasks Registration


Attach Files


Geographical View


Share Registry



  • Products, Composite Products;
  • Product Classification;
  • Requests;
  • Orders to Suppliers;
  • Conference and Registration of Supplier Invoices;
  • Multi-Warehouse Stock Control.
  • Entry, Departure, Transfers and Returns Registration;
  • Production Order;
  • Inventory;
  • Valuation by Average Cost;
  • Maps and miscellaneous analysis.


  • Issuance of Sales Documents (Invoices, Cash Sales, Credit and Debit Notes);
  • Prices and Discounts by Customer, Family and Item;
  • Calculation of Sales Commissions by Sellers, Item Families;
  • Sales Analysis by Customer/Seller/Zone;
  • Covenant Processing;
  • Serial Numbers and Color and Size Grids;
  • Current Accounts (Management of Outstanding Customers, Suppliers and other Debtors/Creditors, Payments, Receipts and Accounts Meeting, Partial Settlements, Grouped and Detailed Outstanding Analysis).


  • Treatment of Bank and Cash Accounts;
  • Transfers between Accounts;
  • Management of Periodic and Predated Movements;
  • Postdated Checks, Advances and Issuance of Deposit Receipts.
  • Banking Reconciliation Extract to Extract;
  • Banking Position;
  • Letters Management.

Integration with ERP'S


ERP LiveSolutions

  • Management of Order/Intervention States;
  • Budget, Cost Centers and Authorization Management;
  • Management by Contract or by Budget;
  • Planning and Assignment Dashboard (Daily/Weekly).

Other ERP’s

  • Management of Order/Intervention States;
  • Budget, Cost Centers and Authorization Management;
  • Management by Contract or by Budget;
  • Planning and Assignment Dashboard (Daily/Weekly).

Common Features

  • Importing products and movements via Excel;
  • User configurable lists (columns, filter ordering, cubes);
  • Export all lists to Excel;
  • Issuance of all documents configurable by the user, without the need for additional applications.
  • Sending Listings and Documents via e-mail;
  • Automatic integration with all Microsoft Office applications;
  • Developed entirely for the Internet.

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