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ERP LiveSolutions

Commercial Management. Accounting. Human Resources. Equipment Management.

ERP LiveSolutions

A comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-use online solution.

Livesolutions’ ERP is an integrated management system that centralizes information on a single platform, making your company’s data more fluid, accessible, streamlined, and without duplication, allowing the company manager to improve internal processes and integrate the activities of different sectors, such as sales, finance, stock, and human resources.

As a result, there are fewer deadlocks with customers or suppliers, and control and monitoring of processes are increased, avoiding the generation of errors that return in increased productivity and sustainable growth of your organization.

All the company’s information is centralized through a user-friendly system, accessible anywhere through the Internet.

Available 24/7/365;

Secure Information;

Easy to Use;

Constant Support;

Always up to date;

Low Cost.

Commercial Management. Accounting. Human Resources. Equipment Management.

Increase your company's management effectiveness and productivity.

Main Modules


LiveCommercial+ is a solution that enables the user to carry out all the functions of commercial activity, at any time and in any place.
It consists of the following modules: Invoicing and Current Accounts, Stocks, Purchases, Sales and Treasury.


Management solution that allows you to carry out the accounting and control of your company’s fixed assets with instruments that help you to develop an in-depth financial analysis of your organization from wherever you want.


Through this software, the user can manage his employees, carry out salary processing, create vacation and training maps, among other functionalities, in a practical and intuitive way.


Allows those responsible for fleets to monitor the location, behavior and status of vehicles. Fuel consumption reports, driver monitoring and vehicle maintenance management.

LiveSolutions’ ERP is certified by the Tax Authority

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