A LIVESOLUTIONS foi criada com o objectivo de explorar o enorme potencial da Internet enquanto ferramenta de trabalho, de forma a acrescentar valor ao negócio dos seus clientes.

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LiveComercial+ consists on the management of Purchases, Sales, Treasury, Costs/Profits and Equipment modules


LiveComercial+ Solution that enables the user to carry out all the functions of commercial activity, at any time and in any place.

LiveComercial, as well as all the products that incorporate the LiveSolutions range, is a management solution that uses the potential of the Internet to offer customers an innovative, reliable and easy-to-use product.



  • Service Requests and Material Orders
  • Budget Requests
  • Orders to Supplier
  • Issuance of Purchase Documents (Invoices, Simplified Invoices, Credit Notes)
  • Self-invoicing
  • Verification of purchasing documents
  • Document Conversion/Import
  • Maps and Analysis
  • Purchasing Dashboard
  • Automatic generation for Livesolutions Accounting


  • Service Requests and Material Orders
  • Budget Requests
  • Customer Orders
  • Issuance of Sales Documents (Invoices, Simplified Invoices, Return Notes)
  • Covenants and Contract Management
  • Generation of SAFT documents
  • Verification of sales documents
  • Document Conversion/Import
  • Maps and Analysis
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Automatic generation for Livesolutions Accounting


  • Receipts and Payments Management
  • Expenses and Payments by Lot
  • Automatic Payments
  • Bank Reconciliation and Treasury Movements
  • Charges
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Account Management


  • Entries and Material Transfers to Team warehouses
  • Consumptions and reversals of materials made by the production register
  • Material Returns to Supplier/Customer and Inventories
  • Material output for sale
  • Transport documents and global documents with communication to TA
  • Consumptions with reference to global document with communication to TA
  • Automatic integration of stock movements from SAP E-Redes
  • Mobile application for receiving products and reading the QRCode from SAP E-Redes

Equipment Management

  • Daily Control Map by Vehicle/Equipment of the hours worked and Km made (possibility of change), and sending it to fund the Project/intervention
  • Purchase and Return of Equipment
  • Exits for works
  • Equipment usage Sheet
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Equipment Slaughter Management
  • Generation of EPIs Declaration with transport data
  • Creation of EMM’s list with calibration and verification
  • List of Maintenance Plans

Cost/Profit Management

  • Integrating Account Management
  • Indirect and Productive Cost Management
  • Account statement by cost center, structure, business, productive and unallocated
  • Accumulated and Trial Balances Consultation
  • Closing of Costs, Existences and Cost Distribution
  • Financial Management Maps

Common Functionalities

  • Importing products and movements via excel
  • User configurable lists (columns, filter ordering, cubes)
  • Export all lists to Excel
  • Issuance of all documents configurable by the user, without the need for additional applications
  • Sending Listings and Documents via Email
  • Automatic integration with all Microsoft Office applications
  • Developed entirely for the Internet

Increase your company’s management effectiveness and your teams’ productivity.