A Livesolutions foi criada com o objetivo de explorar o enorme potencial da Internet enquanto ferramenta de trabalho, de forma a acrescentar valor ao negócio dos seus clientes.

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LiveComercial+ consists on the management of Purchases, Sales, Treasury, Costs/Profits and Equipment Modules.


Commercial Management Solution+ allows the user to perform all the functions of the commercial activity, at any time and anywhere.

LiveComercial, as well as all the products that incorporate the Livesolutions range, is a management solution that uses the potential of the Internet to offer customers an innovative, reliable, and easy to use product.



  • Service Requests and Material Orders;
  • Budget Requests;
  • Orders to Supplier;
  • Issuance of Purchase Documents (Invoices, Simplified Invoices, Credit Notes);
  • Self-invoicing;
  • Verification of purchasing documents;
  • Document Conversion/Import;
  • Maps and Analysis;
  • Purchasing Dashboard;
  • Automatic generation for Livesolutions Accounting.


  • Service Requests and Material Orders;
  • Budget Requests;
  • Customer Orders;
  • Issuance of Sales Documents (Invoices, Simplified Invoices, Return Notes);
  • Covenants and Contract Management;
  • Generation of SAFT documents;
  • Verification of sales documents;
  • Document Conversion/Import;
  • Maps and Analysis;
  • Sales Dashboard;
  • Automatic generation for Livesolutions Accounting.


  • Receipts and Payments Management;
  • Expenses and Payments by Lot;
  • Automatic Payments;
  • Bank Reconciliation and Treasury Movements;
  • Charges;
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Account Management.


  • Entries and Material Transfers to Team warehouses;
  • Consumptions and reversals of materials made by the production register;
  • Material Returns to Supplier/Customer and Inventories;
  • Material output for sale;
  • Transport documents and global documents with communication to TA;
  • Consumptions with reference to global document with communication to TA;
  • Automatic integration of stock movements from SAP E-Redes;
  • Mobile application for receiving products and reading the QRCode from SAP E-Redes.

Equipment Management

  • Daily Control Map by Vehicle/Equipment of the hours worked and Km made (possibility of change), and sending it to fund the Project/intervention;
  • Purchase and Return of Equipment;
  • Exits for works;
  • Equipment usage Sheet;
  • Equipment Maintenance Management;
  • Equipment Slaughter Management;
  • Generation of EPIs Declaration with transport data;
  • Creation of EMM’s list with calibration and verification;
  • List of Maintenance Plans.

Cost/Profit Management

  • Integrating Account Management;
  • Indirect and Productive Cost Management;
  • Account statement by cost center, structure, business, productive and unallocated;
  • Accumulated and Trial Balances Consultation;
  • Closing of Costs, Existences and Cost Distribution;
  • Financial Management Maps.

Common Functionalities

  • Importing products and movements via Excel;
  • User configurable lists (columns, filter ordering, cubes);
  • Export all lists to Excel;
  • Issuance of all documents configurable by the user, without the need for additional applications;
  • Sending Listings and Documents via e-mail;
  • Automatic integration with all Microsoft Office applications;
  • Developed entirely for the Internet.

Increase your company’s management effectiveness and your teams’ productivity.