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LiveFinance is a Financial Management solution that consists on Accounting, Fixed Assets, Tax Liabilities and Maps.


LiveFinance is a management solution that allows you to carry out the accounting and control of your company’s fixed assets from wherever you want.

With this product, your company’s financial information is always available wherever you want. This product includes the creation of legal maps, the calculation of results, fixed assets sheets, and amortization maps, among other instruments that allow you to have a more in-depth financial analysis of your company’s reality.


  • General Accounting, Analytical, Budget, Functions;
  • Treatment of Cost Centers;
  • VAT Plan, Cash Flows and Functions;
  • VAT Clearance;
  • Results Clearance;
  • Printing of Official Maps, Sealed Books, etc;
  • Statements and Balance Sheets.

Fixed Asset

  • Complete Maintenance of the Fixed Asset Sheet;
  • Property Insurance Control;
  • Calculation and Issuance of Amortization Maps;
  • Issuance of Map of Assets in Financial Lease;
  • Monthly or Annual Amortizations;
  • Management of Tangible Fixed Assets (Tangible, Intangible and Financial);
  • Reinstatements;
  • Management of Intangible Fixed Assets (Tangible, Intangible and Financial);
  • Print of the Complete Assets Register;
  • Automatic Allocation of Amortizations to Cost Centers or Works;
  • Legal Maps.

Maps and Tax Obligations

  • Depreciation and Amortization Map;
  • Re-evaluated and non-re-evaluated elements;
  • Fully and Not Fully Depreciated/Amortized Elements;
  • Analysis by Fixed Asset Type;
  • Reports by Fixed Asset Type;
  • VAT Clearance;
  • Seal Clearance;
  • Results Clearance;
  • VAT Diagnosis;
  • VAT Returns and Refunds.

Common Functionalities

  • Importing products and movements via Excel;
  • User configurable lists (columns, filter ordering, cubes);
  • Export all lists to Excel;
  • Issuance of all documents configurable by the user, without the need for additional applications.
  • Sending Listings and Documents via e-mail;
  • Automatic integration with all Microsoft Office applications;
  • Developed entirely for the Internet.

Increase your company’s management effectiveness and your teams’ productivity.