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Recursos Humanos

Recursos Humanos are made up of the Recursos Humanos, Processamento de Salários e Mapas e Obrigações Fiscais.

Recursos Humanos

The management of an organization’s human resources is a complex and administrative task.

In order to facilitate the procedures inherent in this activity and provide a better allocation of time for their tasks, LIVESOLUTIONS developed LiveHumanResources.

Through this software, the user can manage his employees, carry out salary processing, create vacation and training maps, among other functionalities,, in a practical and intuitive way.

Recursos Humanos

  • Employee Management
  • Maturity Simulation
  • Employee Registration and History, Training, Vacations, Occupational Medicine
  • Staffing Information
  • Employee Registration and History
  • Time Sheets, Fault Management
  • Booking Vacations
  • Issuance of Receipts
  • Holiday Sheet
  • Payments Map
  • PS2 File Creation for Banks
  • Monthly Charges
  • Social Security Map
  • DRI File Creation
  • Map for Insurance
  • Absenteeism Map
  • Income Statements
  • Model 10
  • Direct Connection to Accounting
  • Training Management

Salary Processing

  • Processing Management carried out and to be carried out
  • Creating Payment Maps
  • Creating Social Security and Insurance Maps
  • Generation of SEPA, DRI, DMR Files
  • Grant Management
  • Single Report Creation
  • Processing Control and Remuneration Simulation
  • Employee Training Management
  • Occupational Medicine Management
  • Registration Control and Input and Output Flows
  • Management of employee vacations and absences
  • Control of Monthly Charges

Maps and Tax Obligations

  • Union Map Management
  • DMR listing
  • Retention List
  • Income Statements
  • Model Generation 10

Common Functionality

  • Importing products and movements via excel
  • User configurable lists (columns, filter ordering, cubes)
  • Export all lists to Excel
  • Issuance of all documents configurable by the user, without the need for additional applications
  • Sending Listings and Documents via Email
  • Automatic integration with all Microsoft Office applications
  • Developed entirely for the Internet

Increase your company’s management effectiveness and your teams’ productivity.